Café Sør


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Café Sør

Café Sør seamlessly transitions from a cosy, intimate café during the day to an exciting club atmosphere at night. Throughout the day, patrons can relax and enjoy a laid-back ambience while savouring aromatic coffee and exploring their light lunch menu. As the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms, and Café Sør unveils its vibrant nightlife persona. The space comes alive with energetic DJ sets and a tantalizing selection of cocktails, inviting guests to let loose and dance the night away.

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  • Address: Torggata 11, Oslo
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  • Address: Sun & Mon noon–1:30am, Tue–Thu noon–2:30am, Fri & Sat noon–3:30am
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Cosy espresso bars, charming bakeries, and tasty snacks can be found in every corner of Oslo’s districts, and the proximity to sublime landscapes surely makes a coffee break in the city a delightful one.